Brunch [bruh-nch] noun: a socially acceptable
meal [excuse] for all day drinking and dining.

Available 8am to 3pm daily.

Breakfast Of Champions / Sunny Side Up? / The Clean Plate Club / Liquid Brunch / Power-Ups & Pick-Me-Ups

Breakfast of Champions

Cedar nut & poppy seed granola with Manuka honey / £5.50 +

The honey will give you a natural health boost and is a great way to start your day.

Bergamot yoghurt with cocoa nib & cherry granola, toasted
Chia seeds and fresh passionfruit / £6.50 +

Bergamot is a mood enhancer and stress reliever, ideal for tackling the day ahead.

Coconut yoghurt with green apple & blueberry granola, almonds
and freshly grated green apple / £6.00 +

Full of vitamins, coconut is perfect for that post-run filler.

Wholemeal fluffy pancake with a blast of berries
and cocoa nibs / £7.00 +

A great tasting pancake without the guilt ...go on, it’s healthy!

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Sunny Side Up?

Your choice of nutritious free-range eggs on toasted yoghurt sourdough or rye & wholemeal / £5.00

Selection of preserves with toasted bread and Echire butter / £3.00

Grilled streaky back bacon served in toasted brioche bap / £5.50

Cajun spiced chicken with vine ripened tomato with cos lettuce / £7.00

Smoked salmon with raw & cured cucumber, beetroot, guacamole
and mizuna / £8.00

Dry cured streaky bacon with heritage tomato and lettuce / £6.00

The Clean Plate Club

Miso duck with savoury waffle, cherry, blackberry & Stevia compote
and duck egg / 8.00 +

Made using the zero calorie Stevia, to help lower your blood pressure.

Free-range eggs on a toasted English muffin with Hampshire ham and glazed hollandaise / £6.00 +

Did you know, free-range hens that lead a healthy diet produce more nutritious eggs?

Smashed avocado with fresh chilli, lime, San Marzano tomato
and yoghurt sourdough / £7.00 +

Full of antioxidents, chilli boosts your heart’s health while also perking up your mood.

Grilled halloumi with wild rocket, pomegranate, toasted pumpernickel
and tahini dressing / £8.50 +

Packed with calcium and iron, pumpernickel also has a lower GL index than white and brown bread.

Raw & cured beetroot with mâche, almonds, fresh carrot juice
and orange sauce / £7.00 +

The carrots make this dish rich in vitamins A & C while the beetroot packs in the iron and folate.

Chickpea flour & spinach flatbread with lime prawns, avocado
and leafy carrot tops / £10.00 +

Avocado is loaded with high levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, need we say more?

Pea & lamb burger in a crisp teff bun with raw slaw and mint &
cumin seed yoghurt / £8.00 +

The benefits of teff go beyond flavour with a high fibre, protein, iron and vitamin composition.

Avocado, beef & chilli burger with lettuce, tomato and pickles / £10.50 +

A combination of avocado and chilli make this burger all the more healthy.

Raw vegetable, smoked salmon & free-range egg frittata
with wild rocket / £7.50 +

Aside from the omega-3 in the salmon, you simply can’t eat cleaner than raw vegetables.

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Liquid Brunch

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, right?

Bloody Bunny - a healthy take on the classic with carrot juice instead / £9.00

Deep South Sweet Tea – Jing Tea, honey, lemon, sugar syrup and
American honey bourbon / £9.00

Power-Ups & Pick-Me-Ups

When only natural will do.

Wakey Wakey - green tea, honey, blueberry & lime / £6.00

Rise & Shine - peach, pineapple yoghurt, vanilla syrup & honey / £6.00

The Breakfast of Kings - yoghurt, dried banana chips, walnuts,
hazelnuts & honey / £6.00

Sleeping Beauty - spinach, banana, kale, almond, kiwi & chia seed crumb / £6.00

*We work with many small local suppliers so some items on our
menu may change and all dishes are subject to produce availability.

For those with specific allergies that would like to know more about the content of the
dishes on our menus, please ask a member of our team who will be glad to assist.

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.