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Interview - Adam Fargin

Recently launched, the Terrace is Aviator?s stylish new dining outlet offering a relaxed menu against an impressive airside backdrop and is open daily, from 11am to 10pm.

It must be exciting to have launched a brand new dining outlet at Aviator?

Oh most definitely. The Terrace has always been available to dine and drink during the warmer months and it?s also available to hire for events, but for me, it lacked an identity. The new offering was really born out of wanting to give our guests a third, distinctive dining choice whilst taking advantage of the Terrace?s unique location.

So how did you decide on the menu? What was your inspiration?

Those who have visited Aviator and sat out on the Terrace in the past will know that it is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun. The hotel?s tinted windows, combined with the fact that the Terrace is south facing, makes it a total suntrap. I wanted to bring this out in the food we offer out there so the dishes are inspired by the healthy, light and colourful cuisine of the Mediterranean and the rustic, sharing culture of Spain.

And the cocktails?

The cocktails were very much created to bring out key ingredients in the dishes. All the cocktails mirror the food because they?re light and refreshing and I think they?d be best enjoyed when you?re socialising with colleagues, family, or friends. My ideal combination would be a Sicilian Spritz, or two, with Parma ham & fig, the Harissa & pepper Israeli cous cous and the Balsamic baby onions.

For me, the Crispy duck with spiced tomato compote is my star dish. The duck is a fantastic balance of flavour and texture with the spicy tomato compote just giving the dish that edge.

Adam Fargin

Terrace menu

Would you say that your cooking approach for the Brasserie is different to that of the Terrace?

Despite the menus and dishes on each being totally different, I think there are many similarities between my approach with the more formal, plated Brasserie dishes and the less formal bowl food-style Terrace dishes. Both menus are modern and simple and use the best of seasonal and local produce but when served neither are overdressed with theatrics. That?s not my style at all.

How does the food look when it?s served?

Having the right crockery goes hand in hand with producing and presenting good food. If it doesn?t look interesting and appealing when it?s served, you?ve failed. We?ve chosen to serve the Terrace food in rustic blue bowls on large wooden boards with herb pots adorned on all the tables. It?s quite a simple approach, but one that ties in with the Terrace?s relaxed style.

Do you have any favourite dishes on the Terrace menu?

For me, the crispy duck with spiced tomato compote is my star dish. The duck is a fantastic balance of flavour and texture with the spicy tomato compote just giving the dish that edge. I also love the Israeli cous cous, which for me epitomises eating in the sun. It?s colourful, light and as soon as the warmth from the harissa hits, I?m immediately taken back to Morocco. And lastly, the balsamic baby onions are a must to accompany all the dishes. They are sweet and a delight to eat.

The Terrace is open daily, weather permitting. For more information, contact our Reservations team or explore the menu.

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